AlphaOne: Training AI to play game

Computer Science 2018

Reinforcement Learning is a study of learning to act, e.g. helping robots learn how to work with humans, whilst games are usually used to simulate the real world. This project will use Reinforcement Learning to train AI to play games such as FlappyBird, Tic and Toe, Mario, etc., helping students gain a deep understanding of how Reinforcement Learning works.

Pandemic models

Math 2018

Humankind is facing numerous types of diseases that have adverse influences on quality of life. To combat these problems, we need Mathematics to help us obtain a more precise understanding of their developments. In particular, our focus would be on Differential Equations - a central branch in modern mathematics.

Text-based question answering

Computer Science 2018

One important application of Natural Language Processing in exploiting the huge amount of text-based knowledge is an automatic question-answering software program, where the input is a paragraph and a question, and the output is an answer to that question based on the input text.

iTune Device lab toolkit

Biology 2018

The curriculum of MaSSP’s Biology lab is built upon the Itune Device lab kit from the non-profit organization BioBuilder. The main purpose of our experiment is to help students understand the interaction between the building blocks (specifically for the kit are promoter and ribosome binding site - RBS) in Synthetic Biology and the way in which modeling organism can affect the gene circuits. With this lab kit, students will gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of Synthetic Biology.

Distribution of the first digits

Math 2017

Among the power of 2, in the most common seen data tables, which digit occurs the most in the first position? Do they occur with equal frequency? Within this topic, students will learn and explain the distribution of the first digits in data tables, especially in the population data table.

Stable marriages

Math 2016

Given n men and n women, suppose that each of them has a ranking of potential candidates for marriage, ranging from least satisfied to most satisfied. A matching is called sustainable if there exists no pair of a man and a woman who are not married to each other but rank the other person higher than his (her) own wife (husband) (as that likely leads to an affair). Within this matching topic, students will learn how to make stable matching through the problem above, as well as through some other similar problems such as college admissions problem, stable-roommate problem...

Mini-parks under Hanoi's overpass

Environmental science 2018

Our project is to build a minipark below Hanoi overpass. Planting trees helps beautify the urban landscape as well as absorb part of the CO2 in the air. We  will also examine other benefits and the feasibility of this project.